Holiday Packaging Tips & Advice


It's that time of year again with Thanksgiving and the Christmas Holidays just a short time away.

With that in mind, consider these these five simple guidelines to ensure safe delivery of packages this holiday season:

1. For the best value, ship as early as possible. Those who plan ahead can save money and avoid the stress of shipping holiday gifts at the last minute by shipping your packages by Dec. 15.

2. Don’t dumpster dive for old boxes. Used boxes can break apart in shipping, and leftover shipping labels can create confusion about a package’s destination. Always use a new corrugated box to ship gifts and never wrap the outer box in kraft paper or string, which can potentially get caught in the package sorting equipment.

3. Pack like a pro. Use appropriate packaging techniques and materials, such as bubble cushioning, polystyrene “peanuts,” corrugated dividers or plastic foam, to provide proper cushioning and internal protection. Be sure to provide at least two inches of packing materials on all sides of each item and use proper tape to seal the package. Better yet...

4. Leave it to the experts. The staff at Easy Ship & Pack (formerly Mail Boxes Etc) receive specialized training so they can handle any packing challenge. They know every technique to pack your precious gifts, saving you time and effort.

5. Track your package. Choose a shipping option, like DHL, or FedEx, that provides a package tracking number. Tracking lets you notify recipients when to expect a delivery and affords you peace of mind that your package arrived on time.